Atlas Design is a specialist in exhibition stand design. Our objective from the start of the design process is to create three dimensional visuals, showcasing a stand concept that is not only visually pleasing, but accomplishes a specific purpose.
We aim to provide a platform that enables you to:

  • Meet existing clients
  • Attract new contacts
  • Showcase products in their best light
  • Get a return on your investment

Creating show-stopping exhibition design for your needs
We all like different things. Different cars, different clothes, different movies – the list could go on and on. Exhibition stand design is no different.
In such a subjective industry, our exhibition stand designers have to do two things: create the exhibition stand design that you need, and create the stand that you want.
The stand you need can be designed on an understanding of your objectives and the practical requirements of the exhibition. Will products be stocked? Will the stand host meetings? What about any incorporated hospitality offerings, audio, visuals, demonstrations or attractions? If all of these details are included in the design, we can build a stand that will serve all your needs.
What about the stand that you want? This is more difficult. We need to gain an understanding of how you see yourself, what your brand values are and how you want to be perceived by others. Through an in-depth consultation, we aim to discover these details, so we can deliver the perfect exhibition stand design for you.